Saturday, February 6, 2010

Do you want to work at home?

Hey, are you looking for a home-based job? It's very easy. You can earn money not only by doing pay to click (PTC) but though simple task like signing up the sites. Yes, you heard it right! You can earn by signing up. It depends on the client's instructions. Most of these tasks are very easy. It is MW. Sign up and click AVAILABLE JOBS. From there, you can find tasks that are easy to do.

You can also earn money by giving referral link to your friends. What are you waiting for? Join now! and start working.


Are you fond of writing?

Are you fond of writing? Why not writing and at the same time earning money? Sounds good to you? It should be because there are lots of opportunities await for you. Using internet, you can write anything that you like most and post it. By posting those articles, this is what we call blogging. Blogging is a one way to earn money but of course you should know, which sites that will give you money. I know 2 sites and I will give to you the two URL's so that you can also earn. These are fanbox and mylot. These two sites are pretty common to all bloggers because these are the sites wherein enthusiast writers/bloggers like you always posting their articles.

For the fanbox, all you have to do is to sign up and then post an interesting articles. The more readers you have, the more money you will earn. For the mylot, after signing up, you have to participate in any discussions that you like then doing some task. In doing so, you could earn money.

Pretty simple? Yeah! Indeed, it's very simple. Happy mylotting!

My Money Making Sites!

I have few money making sites that can be trusted. In fact, I'm still working on it. If you read my article "Beware of PTC scam sites" you will be able to know that these sites are promising and offering you hundreds of bucks. Please, don't believe it. The real money making sites are not offering as such. Most of these real sites offer you a small amount of money but it's worth your time.

I will share to you my money earning sites. These are:

If you can't click on the given links,then just copy and paste these URL's to open. All of these are the sites that are real and not scams. Good luck!

Beware of PTC Scam Sites!

PTC stands for Paid to Click. This is a kind of job in which you can do at home, anytime at your own pace. You are the boss. You could earn money as I do but beware of those sites that are scam. One thing you can be able to know if those sites are scams. First, they offer 5 - 10 dollars per click. Usually, this PTC sites are not real. Don't waste your time clicking on these sites. Second, these sites are really promising but none of these will come to realize. I will give to you the sites that are scam so that you will be alerted too and to avoid wasting of money and time. These are:

These are the two sites that are scam sites because I, personally experienced it. It says that when your money reach 500 dollars; you can withdraw it but when I reached 518 dollars, then I tried to withdraw; the result? I am still waiting to get it for months. :( So, please, please, please, beware of these sites. Thank you.