Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beware of PTC Scam Sites!

PTC stands for Paid to Click. This is a kind of job in which you can do at home, anytime at your own pace. You are the boss. You could earn money as I do but beware of those sites that are scam. One thing you can be able to know if those sites are scams. First, they offer 5 - 10 dollars per click. Usually, this PTC sites are not real. Don't waste your time clicking on these sites. Second, these sites are really promising but none of these will come to realize. I will give to you the sites that are scam so that you will be alerted too and to avoid wasting of money and time. These are:

These are the two sites that are scam sites because I, personally experienced it. It says that when your money reach 500 dollars; you can withdraw it but when I reached 518 dollars, then I tried to withdraw; the result? I am still waiting to get it for months. :( So, please, please, please, beware of these sites. Thank you.

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